Useful Files
   Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility designed for all Win9x/ME/NT40/2000 platforms. It scans your system for components of known spyware parasites and lets you remove them safely.
   This is the current Ad-aware signature file.
   RefUpdate is an auto-update utility for Ad-aware.
   Excel macros for easy conversion of your glossaries from Excel format into TRADOS Workbench and TRADOS Multiterm format.
   This macro will correct the annoying bug in TRADOS, where the source text remains visible in certain styles.
   Just double-click on this Registry-executable file, to correctly use TRADOS Workbench for Greek in Windows 2000.
   Dongle Check utility for troubleshooting your TRADOS dongle.
   Go!Zilla , a powerful File Downloading Manager.
   GrHelvetica, a Macintosh font fully compatible with Greek character set.
   GrTimes, a Macintosh font fully compatible with Greek character set.
   TTF font for correctly displaying Greek entries in TRADOS Multiterm Dictionary.

Aladdin Expander , the universal file decompressor for Microsoft Windows.

   Tiny Personal Firewall, a freeware which will protect you from vicious intruders.
   Just in case you have been looking around for a Primax driver for Windows 2000. (Don't be intimidated by the oriental characters - it's working!)
   WebBudget is a shareware which will help you word-count your HTML files, to provide a fast and safe quote to your clients.
   FreeBudget is a freeware which will help you word-count your DOC, RTF, XLS, WRI etc. files, to provide a fast and safe quote to your clients.
   PDFCount will help you obtain a word count of Acrobat PDF files.
   TMXCheck ver. 1.03 build 3, a TMX Document Validator.
   This ZIP file contains specifications of various hard disks.

TRADOS Support: Characters in Eastern European languages are not displayed correctly in TagEditor and after clean up.


TRADOS Support: Optimising the interface between Word 97/2000 and Translator's Workbench.


TRADOS Support: Russian and other non-Latin terms not displayed and inserted correctly.


TRADOS Support: Troubleshooting incorrect extended characters in translation memory or target segments.

   MS Greek Font Installer for Mac.
   A MPEG Player for Mac.
   Greek Utilities provides Greek functionality to non-Greek Mac OS.

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